VNIX – 500 (EP)

Kaitlin Ruether, 5 years ago
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There are certain archetypes of pop that every serious artist, at some point, acknowledges. Among them are the break-up song, the great-night-out song, and the love song. Each essential, each universal in some way. VNIX tackles all of these in one four song EP, and more than that, does it well.

The EP, titled 500, begins with a bang. “Creep” is the hit of the collection, the song that is quickly picking up momentum which will only grow when the upcoming music video is released. Already, there is an acoustic version of the song available to be seen right here. The vocals are instantly striking, the beat addictive, and though at first it may sound like copious club songs being released these days, the drop off to a quiet piano and ardent lyrics gives the track heart. “Sweet Night Love” takes the EP down a notch. Intricate piano backs a song that is almost the domestic follow-up to the happenings in “Creep”. Following the trend further is “Love Like Dust”, which is a highlight in its lyrical emphasis as well as VNIX’s vocal prowess. At the tail end, the speed picks up again with “Bad Friend”, the angry, accusing, but relatable track that pulls you in with impressively developed hooks.

VNIX claims that “music is the act of sex”, so keep that in mind as you make your way through the highly listenable EP that is 500. To keep up with VNIX, check out the Facebook and SoundCloud pages. And keep your eyes open for that music video.


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