Waiting For Sunday – The Windsor Effect (Album)

Kaitlin Ruether, 3 years ago
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Stream the album in its entirety here.

Vancouver-based four piece Waiting For Sunday have a dark twist on your average Canadian indie rock group. The band, formed by guitarist and vocalist Dan Hudson and lead guitarist Matt Gauld, found themselves complete with the addition Mircea Tracke on bass and Colin Everall on drums, production, and even as director of the lead music video for the album, which you can watch above.

The video for “The Love is Gone” was released with the album, and won the Platinum Remi award at the WorldFest Houston Film Festival. The song features highly atmospheric soundscapes with a dash of magic in the delicate bells and the swell of the strings. It is in these moments of complexity that Waiting For Sunday shines.

The Windsor Effect is the band’s second release, and it explores a range of genres, while always keeping the guitar rock base. From the bright trickling lines of “Pebbles Become Stones” to the old-school guitar wail of “Long Live The Strong”. There’s an infusion of country on “Tell Me That You’re Mine”, and “Chasing Youth” is a toe-tapping blues jam. Album highlights include the melancholic duet “Wanted” — which brings back the strings to create emotions in a near-overwhelming wave — and the bouncy “Details” which brings together an array of the groups strengths for a full, energetic sound.

You can follow the band on their website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel for more music and news.

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