Waldo Witt – “Carteret” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 5 months ago
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After the hooky, 80s-tinged song and clip for “Crystal Ball”, Waldo Witt is taking a different path down the road of sonic playfulness. 

“Carteret” is a washed out, chill track that is all ambiance at first listen. The layers float, blending vocals with synths and burying the snappish beat under everything. There is a sense of mystery to the lyrics which speak in poetics of a last chance to make right.

The accompanying clip is pure visual art. Director Sefárdico created a version of America in which people show their affiliations through face paint and — as in all dystopian realities — those in power are not out to help the little guys. We follow a young woman as she moves through this world towards an intimidating leader in a dark bar. With a symbolic gesture befitting the clown-like makeup, she takes her shot. The world erupts into dance. 

All the while, Witt’s dance moves — smooth after all that practice in the “Crystal Ball” video — and casual delivery remind us that our reality is not so far away from that depicted.

To hear more from Waldo Witt, you can find him on his Facebook page and on Spotify. You can also find more from the artist on Youtube

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