Waldo Witt – “Crystal Ball” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 6 months ago
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After moving on from Toma — a psych-rock retro four piece project — Waldo Witt found himself on a road trip of epic proportions in a van named Randall. That journey, and the van, came to define his solo record. 

“Crystal Ball” is the second single off Randall (I told you the van was important) and pulls from the psychedelic retro impulses of Toma while being wholly of its own world. The track is bouncy off the top, laced with a catch-steady hook while the vocals take an effected distance. There is uncertainty here, but the kind that makes you feel seen in your own progressions. 

The video shows a different kind of journey. Witt is training for a show, but his dance moves are lacking. In a musical-montage that could fit into an action movie, he trains on the top of a mountain — picturesque views sprawling out behind him — and on a basketball court. Before long, he is guided by a spirit-in-a-mask. Now, at last, the artist is ready to face his challenge. 

To hear more from Waldo Witt as he continues this journey, you can find him on his Spotify and Facebook page. You can also follow him on YouTube

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