“We’re Gonna Be Lords” – An Experimental Documentary Featuring The Underachievers, Le1f, The Flatbush Zombies & Action Bronson

Samuel Conley, 5 years ago
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Today, documentary director Robert Lopuski (the creative force behind the Kanye and Jay Z observant mini-doc Watch The Thronedropped a nine-and-a-half minute project focusing on elements of the current New York City Hip Hop scene. The project, entitled “We’re Gonna Be Lords”, utilises experimental vignette-type scenes to illustrate and explore the minds of four NYC-bred artists and groups: Brooklyn’s Flatbush Zombies and The Underachievers, Manhattan’s Le1f and Queens rapper Action Bronson. The documentary splices together interviews, show footage and dramatised scenes with religious chants and contemporary Hip Hop to create an ethereal and spiritual atmosphere as a backdrop to the relating of the artist’s stories from their own mouths. By examining the history of the artists alongside highlighting their current mindsets and aspirations, the documentary paints an engaging picture of New York’s current Hip Hop scene and how it influences lifestyle.

The documentary explores the motivation behind wanting to become a Hip Hop artist, and as Lopuski says himself: “there’s this almost transcendent quality of being nobody in pursuit of something great — the idea of becoming a Lord… It felt fragile but charged, raw, dream-like, ritualistic […] And yet, these artists are true examples of the simple pursuit of creative expression.”

Watch “We’re Gonna Be Lords” Above.



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