Westing – “Skipping Beats”

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 years ago
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Here’s a story for you. An acoustic indie musician realizes one day that what he really wants to be making is loud music. Rock music. Music that demands attention. That man is Matt Mascarenas. His project, Westing, has shifted from an acoustic solo entity into what you can hear above: punky, angry, full-bodied sound. With the structure of a band, Mascarenas can bring all that he learned from writing acoustic songs into a new genre with authority and originality. And it works.

“Skipping Beats” is the first track on Westing’s upcoming EP, I Haven’t Been Feeling Myself, and it manages to express why Mascarenas took the plunge into completely rerouting his sound. “No one’s listening,” he laments, and follows it up with the decision to move forward, to keep going. The demanding guitar and drums that thread through the track, somewhat ironically against the lyrics, demand to be listened to. It’s a track that is impossible to ignore.

I Haven’t Been Feeling Myself comes out on April 14th. You can hear more from Westing on SoundCloud. To keep up with the band, check out their Facebook page, website, and Twitter.

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