What So Not Performing Live At Couchella

Lauren Bobek, 6 years ago
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If you’re one of the many like myself FOMOing hard from not being at Coachella, Couchella is currently the next best thing.

What So Not is really bringing the feels to Coachella right now, with lavender hair and all. His set is live streaming on the Coachella Youtube channel, among many other sets during the closing Sunday of the first phase of Coachella.

A surprise appearance featuring singer-songwriter George Maple caught everyone off guard when What So Not invited her on stage to sing over their newest collaboration, “Gemini.” Embedding the original “Touched” was the cherry on top of this show.

Finally, George Maple makes another appearance on stage to sing Emoh and 11 Lit3s collaborative remix of “Talk Talk.” TALK about an impressive set.

This set also featured songs and remixes from the likes of Kanye, Kendrick and Mr. Carmack. What So Not couldn’t have given a better performance if he tried. #whatsonotforever

But this isn’t the end. Tune into the live Coachella streaming Youtube channel for more amazing sets to come this week.

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