Whisperer- ‘Whisperer’ EP

Ally Clouthier, 3 years ago
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Australian musician Connor Grant recently released his debut EP under the name Whisperer. Grant not only wrote and sang on the record but also produced it. The EP consists of four tracks that Grant crafted after he had left a band that he had dedicated the past five years of his life to.

The ‘Whisperer EP‘ sounds the way that going on an adventure feels. It’s the sound of believing in yourself and taking a leap of faith while also saying goodbye. The melodic percussion and guitar tones tell a story while painting the picture of a gentle and misty landscape. Whisperer’s beautifully layered vocal tracks are woven through layer upon layer of echoing guitar parts. The scattered and booming drums heartbeat their way through the songs. This EP is about finding yourself and finding your direction while being completely uncertain of your destination.

The Whisperer EP is available now from iTunes and on Spotify, but you can also stream it in full via Whisperer’s Soundcloud page.


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