Witt Lowry – “Running From Here” and “My Mistake”

Kaitlin Ruether, 5 years ago
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Talk about a celebration! Because his upcoming album reached #5 on the iTunes Hip-Hop charts, Witt Lowry has gifted the world with two new tracks, which previously were only available to those who pre-ordered the album, titled Dreaming With Our Eyes Open.

The first track, “Running From Here” is an emotionally raw jam that uses Witt’s vocal range to highlight the meaning of his words. The repetition of “feel like I’m stuck” is emphasized by the escalation of panic in his voice throughout. But Witt Lowry has never been one to strike a single emotional chord. At the height of his emotions, he slows it down, pausing the fervent electronic backdrop for a moment of reflection. “Damn, open your eyes, open your heart, open your mind,” he insists, and it feels as though there is no choice but to listen.

The second track, titled “My Mistake” is an intensely personal identity affirmation. Already loaded with phrases to live by (“Fuck your opinion, I stick to my vision”), this track showcases Witt’s writing at its prime. He raps of his own experience, calling out his haters, opening his life for everyone to peer in at. A careful piano adds a serious depth to the track, while Trippz Michaud’s chorus acts almost as a balm after Witt’s red hot honesty. All together, the track is nothing short of beautiful.

Dreaming With Our Eyes Open will be available on September 25th. To pre-order the album, check it out right here on iTunes. To keep up with Witt Lowry, you can find him on Facebook, SoundCloud, and Twitter.

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