Xavier White – “Sudden Change” (Prod. by Ronin)

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 year ago
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I’m a big fan of subverting expectations, and Xavier White‘s track “Sudden Change” — which was aptly produced by Ronin — subverts the expectation of the loud, high-key drop that is so common in pop music now. Each time the velvety vocals build higher, the tension is released in a come-down of energy, a drawback of vocals and focus on the softer synths. It lends strong emotional empathy to the typical expression-of-desire lyrics. To stretch a metaphor: it brings something new and moving to what could have been a familiar table.

In the clip, Xavier White uses the lyrics to flirt with a woman and convince her to accompany him on a brightly coloured carnival date. The build up of visual atmosphere, again, contrasts the subtlety of the track’s production, and it shows the value of shaking up your life a little and taking a risk. The video is a literal interpretation of the track, and it’s hard not to feel inspired to make your own sudden changes and experience life to the fullest.

To hear more from Xavier White, you can find him on his Facebook page, Twitter, and on Youtube. You can also find him on Soundcloud.

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