XF- Waxx (feat. K.A.A.N)

Megan Berberich, 4 years ago
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XF consists of duo Faiz and Image from Maryland. They’re here to release their first single Waxx together, alongside mastermind MC K.A.A.N who has already grabbed the ears of hip hop fans across the globe.

Have you ever gotten so faded you just didn’t give a fck? That’s what the premise of “Waxx” boils down to.  Getting so fcked up, you let the drugs guide you along the way as you encounter ubers, chicks and countless other provocative situations. With the solid word play by XF and Faiz and the ferocious featured verse from K.A.A.N., “Waxx,” will get stuck in your ear in no time.


Be on the look out for visuals from Waxx soon. For now, listen to X|F on SoundCloud here.



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