Yates – “Mercury”

Katie Puccio, 3 years ago
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If you’re looking for a track with warm, rich male vocals that will make you feel all the things, look no further. “Mercury” by Australian artist, Yates, has the perfect vibe for a lazy Sunday afternoon full of self-reflection. His voice is a solid combination of the best elements from Hozier, Ne-Yo, and Sam Smith. The sparse accompaniment of “Mercury” is accented by focused beats that serve the low-key melody well. The whole track has an ethereal quality that makes it seem like a memory of an uncertain, yet strong love. Sustained bass notes in the keys bring the whole thing together, grounding the sound in something real and powerful. This is the type of song that you can loop all day long, hearing something distinctly different with each listen.

“Mercury” is a track off Yates’s new EP of the same name. Listen to the whole thing on iTunes or Spotify. Check out the beautiful music video for this song on YouTube. Yates is currently on tour in Germany with Pablo Nouvelle. For updates on his music and performance schedule, follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and SoundCloud.



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