Yvan Poisson – Blind Experiment (EP)

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 years ago
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Audiophiles, rejoice, for Yvan Poisson is a man after your own heart. The musician — who is hesitant to share details of his own life in favour of the music speaking for itself — also insists that this is music made for high-quality speakers: there is a depth to these tracks that runs the risk of being lost. So turn up, sit back, and wade into Blind Experiment, Yvan Poisson’s latest EP.

From jazzy to trip-hop, Blind Experiment leads you down winding roads of texture and movement. Most of the magic is found in patterns, such as on the bouncy but minimal “Latent Period”, which relies on timing and uses granular sampling to create instrumental intrigue. In a similar way, “New Ideas” rises and falls in a concrete framework of cadence.

Throughout, there is a movement: “Negative Control Procedure” feels like a gasp for air, while the bass of “Cross Tolerance” physically pulses through you, and “Disintegration Time” feels like, well, the movement of time — fragmented sound effects and an in-and-out beat keep this foregrounded. It’s an album that keeps an awareness of synthetics, but also brings out the physical elements of music. Every beat is danceable, and every echo bounces around the room.

Yvan Poisson’s Blind Experiment is an album that cherishes the sensory and takes pleasure in the minute. Every second is specific, and whether the sound is grounded or alien (or — in the case of “Until Next Time” — a bit of both) this is an album that is pleasing to the ear.

To hear more from Yvan Poisson, you can find him on his Bandcamp page, and Facebook

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