Z a c k y – “Clear My Mind”

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Straight outta Los Angeles, California’s San Fernando Valley, Z a c k y makes his NewSickMusic debut with his brand new self-produced single, “Clear My Mind”. An acoustic singer/songwriter until stumbling across J Cole’s “Born Sinner” album, Zacky quickly became obsessed with hip hop and the storytelling ability that rappers like Cole possess to share detailed accounts of their lives.

After a short stint in San Francisco, Z a c k y returned to LA for college and began writing and producing beats for local rappers and artists that he met in his classes. In early 2017, he decided to step in front of the mic and bring his love for hip hop and guitar-driven pop to life.

Listen to “Clear My Mind” above and be sure to follow Zacky on SoundCloud to stay up on all future releases.

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