ZaiAh Burke – “GRIND”

JonFromJersey, 3 years ago
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“9-5 is how you survive/I ain’t tryin’ survive/ I’m trying live it to the limit/ And live life”


Newport News, Virginia artist ZaiAh Burke delivers a soulful, motivational cut for everyone working like there’s no tomorrow, titled “Grind.” Starting the visual with a humorous audio snippet from the Martin show, ZaiAh pays homage to everyone grindin’ like Clipse is in your stereo.  During his third verse, ZaiAh says he wrote this song while “on the clock,” but he still salutes everyone on the block doing what they have to do to pay the bills. This is definitely something that everyone with a hustler’s ambition can relate to. However, it’s the weekend, so play this anthem, toast to your week of hard-work, and give ZaiAh a follow on Twitter if you’re feeling his message.

Watch the Quame Hamlin- directed “Grind” above! Zaiah Who EP is on the way!

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