Zilla With Her Eyes Shut – “Whisper Whisper” (Single)

Kaitlin Ruether, 3 months ago
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Around the same time she started playing the piano, Zilla With Her Eyes Shut began to hear voices in her head. 

They weren’t cruel, nor did she feel there was malicious intent: instead these voices helped the then ten-year-old feel less alone as sounds, colours, and words filled her mind. This is the inspiration behind her song “Whisper Whisper” which fills the space with crackling distance and smooth vocals. 

There is something nightmarish about the way the track unfolds, even if Zilla holds that she was moving towards something joyful (and, yes, there is a lullaby-sweet bridge that fractures the song before it meshes together with lyrical refrains and the ever-close voice of Zilla herself). An electronically effected and deep voices trails behind Zilla’s before she breaks into her whispering for an extra dose of juxtaposition. 

Throughout the experimentation and heavy ambience, there is an electronic-pop hook that reels you in and holds you. It’s addictively intricate, delicately melodic. Even amongst the eeriness, there is no part of the song that pushes the listener away — much like benevolent voices stealing away loneliness. 

“Whisper Whisper” comes off Zilla’s album, Zilla With Her Eyes Shut, which will be out on March 13th via Accidental Records. To hear more from the artist, you can find her on her Bandcamp, Spotify, and Facebook page. You can also follow her on Twitter

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