Glenn Meling – Minnesota [Album]

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 years ago
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An artist of the world, Glenn Meling brings his journeys into his music. The Oslo-based singer/songwriter/producer recorded his first album, Melingrad, in a Norwegian boathouse, and his second album, Sometimes a Bigger Heart, in London. But now he’s back with perhaps his most adventurous record yet, entitled Minnesota, and centred around the moods of the Midwestern state.

Following inspiration from the Cohen Brothers’ essential dark comedy film, Fargo, and tracing the roots of many Norwegian-American settlers, Glenn Meling found a well of inspiration in America’s Midwest. You can hear the dark longing in “America” which brings Meling’s talent for retro groove with a side of modern electronic melodies to light. The track stands out on the album for the fuzzed out vocals and garage vibes, playing complexly with his consistent 80s pop-base.

The album itself is not light on the groove. There’s more than a hint of Bowie’s Let’s Dance phase inspiring the tunes (“Alive” and “Minnesota” both play with this retro-pop ambiance), but Meling does well to weave threads of modernity throughout, such as on the moody and building track “Free”. The use of horns on “Secret Flower” and “The Good I See In You” remind us of Glenn Meling’s worldly ambitions, and his range of emotional content. In fact, from the melancholy lull of “Far Away From Home” to the celebratory dual song “The New Day”, Glenn Meling proves he can have it all on one album. By the finale of the nine track collection, you will indeed feel at the end of an adventure.

To hear more from Glenn Meling, check out his website, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp pages.

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