Henry Green – “Slow”

Kaitlin Ruether, 5 years ago
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Perhaps it’s easier to be immediately pulled into a dance track, a quick paced, hook-at-every-turn song, but there’s no doubt that mellow, slower songs are just as essential, and quite often hold up better in the long run. This is the case with Henry Green‘s new track which is fittingly titled “Slow”. A mesmerizing and effervescent song with bendy, strumming guitar and luscious vocals, “Slow” is a mood-lightener, a carefree and elegant perspective on life.

The track comes from Green’s upcoming debut EP, also titled Slow, which will be released on June 1st. The nineteen-year-old artist is known for his blending of genres. From folk to electronica, a unifying focus on melancholy atmospheric jams gives Henry Green his distinct style. Previously, the English artist has released “Barcelona” which you can check out here.

To follow Henry Green in these exciting weeks before Slow drops, check out his website, Facebook, and Soundcloud.

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