J’Moris, D. Hewitt and 254 Assassin release powerful track “Blac Amerikkka”

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 month ago
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How does one continue to create in a country that continuously strikes you down? J’Moris, D. Hewitt, and 254 Assassin call out oppressors and those who aren’t actively working for the survival of black people in America.

For these artists, racial justice has always been on the frontlines of their work. How could it not be? But “Blac Amerikkka” steps back from any veil of subtlety and uses ethos and variety to pull listeners in. 

The rhythm is a pulse but the music is pulled back so the lyrics are unmissable. “Black America stuck in the twilight zone, lights flashing behind me, I might not make it back home.” Each artist has a turn spilling forth his perspective and unique style, creating a cohesion in the diversity of range. This is not ironic, but a foregrounding of possibility. 

The accompanying clip shows the artists in a park, in black-and-white footage, with film strip effects that add a rattling sense of urgency. A monologue at the end — also included in the description for the video — is an unmissable call to action, and explanation of understandable exhaustion. 

You can find more from J’Moris here, more from D. Hewitt here, and more from 254 Assassin here. You can also find their last collaboration, “Alien”, here.

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