Joy Oladokun – Carry (Album Review)

Bryan Montesano, 4 years ago
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“I write to process and to heal, and I sing to help others do the same”.

Joy Oladokun is a LA-based singer/songwriter who from a young age realized that music was the path for her. She started writing and playing the guitar at the age of 10 and never looked back, consistently working hard to develop an honest and soulful sound that’s present throughout her entire debut album, Carry.

Funded using the $30,000 raised from a Kickstarter campaign and released to the public on April 29th, Carry is a beautifully written album that takes the listener on a ten-track journey of Oladokun’s life experiences. It’s an incredibly genuine project that aims to share all the different life lesson’s Oladokun has learned as well as the life lesson’s she’s still learning, in hopes that those who listen can take something away from them.


“I think this past year has taught me that my voice is one of the few gifts I have, and I can use it to spread a lot of love and lift people up. That’s the heart behind the album, and that’s my motivation as a person too.”

It’s clear from the start of Carry that Oladokun knows what type of artist she is and what kind of artist she aims to be. She isn’t trying to be someone she’s not, which is a great quality to have when taking into account that this album will probably be the first time a lot of people get a taste of her music. Listening to this album, there’s never a time where it feels like Oladokun is trying to do too much, rather, she’s in control throughout, piecing together the album’s narrative.

Though the album tells the tale of Oladokun’s life experiences, it’s easy for the listener to find themselves able to relate the lyrics to their own lives. Tracks like “Fight For It”, “Carry”, and “Charleston” are complimented by beautiful melodies and easily allow the listener’s mind to wander off and think about themselves and their own situations. Oladokun completely lets herself go in her music, which allows her to come across as human, and this allows her to be someone the listener can not only relate to, but someone the listener can trust and truly learn from.


Carry was supported by its lead single, “Shelter” , which Oladokun states was written “about learning how to receive love, and fighting to give it without reservation or condition.” This doesn’t come as much of a surprise as love is certainly a central theme to the album as a whole, and a topic that’s touched on multiple times throughout.

Most of Carry is delivered in a slowed/relaxed tempo, save for maybe “Fight For It”, but Oladokun’s ability to tell a story and paint a picture in the listener’s mind is all the album needs to be a successful piece of art.

You can get a taste of Carry by streaming “Shelter” above, and if you like what you hear, you can purchase the album in full on iTunes, or stream it on Spotify!

For more on Joy Oladokun, you can follow her on Twitter and Soundcloud to keep track of all the latest news and updates from her musical journey!


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