LOVA – “Own Worst Enemy”

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Continuing to ignite 2020 with her quirky, charismatic, and witty sound, Swedish pop singer and songwriter LOVA breaks onto the NewSickMusic pages with her latest single “Own Worst Enemy”.

Following suit of her previous singles, LOVA draws from honesty and realness on “Own Worst Enemy“, giving an inside look into her deepest thoughts and real life experience.

“If you were to ask me how I would sound If I was a song, I think this would’ve been it. ‘Own Worst Enemy’ is raw and honest, playful and quirky, self-critical and personal but also flirtatious and badass, just like me. In this song, I talk a lot about my inner struggles and insecurities & one of them is that I’ve always tried to be the ‘perfect girl.’ So this song is a perfect introduction to my mind and for people to get to know me on a deeper and more personal level. But it’s also fun, feel good and is a perfect song for the Spring. So I hope that people want to dance to it as well!”

Check out the video above and be sure to listen to her latest head-turning EP ‘A Gentleman’s Guide‘, available now on all digital streaming platforms. 

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