One Track Minds – A Price to be Paid (Album)

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 years ago
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Norwegian shoegazers One Track Minds have a stunning offering in the form of their new album, a collection of melodic soundscapes that range from sweet and soft to bitter with a sharp punk edge. With influences like The Jesus and Mary Chain, David Bowie, and The Velvet Underground, this band brings musical trends of the past into the present with a flourish of genre experimentation.

The album’s title track, “A price to be paid” kicks off the record with complex layers of sweet Americana-esque melodies, before rolling into the more noisy “To The Other Side”. “River of life” has a melancholy sway, and a ghostly sort of flow. The simple and fundamental guitar drive is reminiscent of Bowie in his prime.

The country vibes that we only tasted in “A price to be paid” arrive full-force on “She”. Here, we get a different kind of shoegaze, this one more Wilco-flavoured. Guitar solos round out the track before the album shifts gears yet again, now into the percussion infused rock’n’roll track “Desolate soul”.

The nostalgic “Trash” is an album highlight, with a 50s sort of melody juxtaposed against the buried vocals. A shift to acoustic on “Joanna” is a nice touch, allowing the lyricism of One Track Minds to shine, and the emotions to be showcased, but the post-punk spirit returns to leave the last impression on “Closer”, which embraces noise, simple melodies, and the darkness at the heart of the album.

A Price to Be Paid is an album that finds unity while exploring a comprehensive array of influences, and One Track Minds just might be what modern post-punk fans have been searching for. To keep up with the band, check out their Facebook, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp pages.

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