REMZ – “Where You Belong” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 3 years ago
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For a band that only formed two years ago, REMZ (founded by Remy Sotomayor Mardini and joined recently by Josué Ramos, Daniel Flores, Mariana Quiróz, and Diego Ramos) have made a significant mark on the music scene — something that only two years of hard work could have achieved.

“Where You Belong” — the instantly catchy and feel-good track by REMZ — earned Mardini and his band mates the title of the first Peruvian band to get a contract with the international telecommunications conglomerate Movistar, who chose “Where You Belong” as their principal song for a year. That’s how arresting this track is — one listen and I promise you’ll at least have your foot tapping.

Energetic guitars draw you into a world of synths that dabble in nostalgia and lyrics with an uplifting message. This pop has a soul, and it is felt most starkly in the final moments when the lyrics “Oh, you’ll never be alone” are repeated, seeping in until you truly believe it. The video draws these themes out in an original way: an older man in a small, dark house is about to give up when he is visited by a younger version of himself, then they are joined by the young-adult version — a soldier who accompanies the trio as they dance in the streets and perform on a stage. It’s a lovely narrative with all the optimism of the track itself.

Though a relatively new band, REMZ are well on their way up, and you can join the tide by checking out their website, Spotify, or following the band on Facebook.

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