WEIRDO x IYES – “GROW (i still miss u tbh)”

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Hailing from the Birmingham/Berlin area, rising artist Weirdo breaks onto the NewSickMusic pages with his IYES assisted single, “Grow (i still miss u tbh).

 ‘GROW ( i still miss u tbh )’ is an uplifting take on meeting a great human in life but the stars are just simply not aligning.

“I wrote the initial idea for Grow in 2018. It’s an ode to my old best friend who I dearly miss. We had sadly drifted apart. With this track, I made the creative decision to change the way I think about my music production and its sound: I feel there’s so much more energy when things are raw and DIY. There’s a method in the madness: turn things up too much, saturate shit, don’t always use auto tune on the vocals, leave certain sounds to have natural character and definitely leave in all the imperfections… take things the way they are meant to be. My aim for this song was for it to be a track that you sing whilst crying over someone you’ve lost, or whilst smiling about them finding happiness elsewhere. Keeping true to the promise that you’ll always be there to support them in one way or another; from close or from afar. Like a scaffold, not a weight…as Cass Lowe once rightly said: like a love that bends in the wind.”

Listen to “Grow (i still miss u tbh)” above and be sure to follow Weirdo on your preferred streaming platform (Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud) to stay up on all new releases.

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